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I love running! There truly is nothing better then slipping on your shoes and heading out for a run. To help inspire people to start (or continue) running, I created the book "Run Faster With Less Effort" by Tyler Stolting. Be sure to check it out!

Website Design

Designing websites (like this one) is another one of my occupations. I have created websites for organizations like Heritage Canada, Surrey School District and many more. You can see some of my work at


Any spare time that I have is used towards bringing my ideas to life. It can be anything from creating a book to help people run better to creating a display out of 10,000 cups each filled with different colors of water. You can see some of my projects here.

Inspired By You

"Some people determine how successful they are by how much they have. For myself, I measure success by how many people I have truly inspired over the years." - Tyler Stolting