Olympic Closing Ceremony

The Vancouver 2010 Olympic GamesDate: February, 2010

You truly cannot be part of a bigger television broadcast. The Vancouver 2010 Closing Ceremony was viewed by well over a billion people. Being part of it was an unforgettable experience.

The Anthem Cast

I was a volunteer cast member to the "Anthem Cast" for the closing ceremonies. Basically they gave us a plastic snowboard to do some tricks with and let us help sing Canada's national anthem to the world. The interesting thing was that they actually gave us a radio to put in our ears that gave us cues on what "moves" we should do next. Three years later, I still remember one of the cue sequences. (About face, bounce, bounce, about face squeeze, 360 down "Hey Hey 2010" whoa) They don't tend to make sense unless you know the action that go with them. Although I was only "visible" for about 10 seconds in the worldwide broadcast, it still was fun!