10,000 Cups (2012)

Location: Sullivan HeightsDate: March, 2012

Very few people believed that I could assemble a massive display of 10,000 cups each with its own coordinate and filled with different colored water let alone have it all done by high school students. It goes to show just how powerful one idea can be to help inspire others to come  together for a common goal.

Introducing 10,000 Cups

What do you think would happen if you gave me a heck of a lot of cups (10,000 to be exact), 1,500 liters of water and some blue dye? Something impressive of course! This really was no easy task though. Not only did I have to design it myself but I had to recruit 40 volunteers who in total contributed over 500 hours of their time to to help plan and assemble it. Every single cup had its own coordinate and had to be pre-labeled so that we knew where it should go and what color of water should be in it. It was quite fun and stressful at the same time.
(Yes we recycled every cup!)

The Power Of An Idea

It is amazing how a simple idea can turn into something that is able to unite a group of people to do something that will inspire even more.

The great thing about this project is that nothing like it has ever been done before. Yes, it is based on the classic filling lots of cups up with water grad prank but no one has ever given each cup it's own coordinate so that the end result says something.

The Crew

Every single cup has water in it. It either is clear, light blue, dark blue or somewhere in between. In the back you can see some of the people who helped create it. They didn’t tend to complain too much about doing such a monotonous task. (Ya right!)