Running With The Olympic Flame

The Vancouver 2010 Olympic GamesDate: February, 2010

The Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games truly did inspire a nation and being able to be part of making it happen was a dream come true. There were 12,000 torchbearers from many different countries and being one of them was quite special.

Tyler The Torchbearer

It was a great honor to be chosen as a torchbearer for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games. I was selected because of my commitment to helping improve people’s lives thought the power of sport. Although it was short (I got to run with the flame for about 400m which took 5 minutes) it isn’t something that you get to do every day.

A Special Visit

I use to be in scouting years ago (I was one for 12 years to be exact) so I though that it would be nice to bring the torch that I carried to the younger scouts (beavers). It really was quite a neat experience. Not only did they all make their own paper torches to celebrate the occasion but some of them were just so thrilled to see an Olympic torch up close and hold it themselves. I think that Beaver's smile says it all.