Run Faster With Less Effort

By Tyler StoltingDate: January, 2013

My new book "Run Faster With Less Effort" by Tyler Stolting is finally available Check it out at . You truly can improve the way you run in as little as 60 days with this book!

The Book

This book was indeed a multi-year project. It all started when I first though "There has to be a better way to run". And that was the start of my quest to find a way improve the way that I run. I started by doing a 10Km race to set a benchmark time, which I completed in 47:25. That is an impressive time to begin with but I could do better. For a year I began to work on making running easier and almost accidently I began to get much faster. I knew I was on to something. The next year I ran the same 10Km course. My time, 40:02. That's over 7 minutes cut off an already fast time! *

Now my thinking changed to "How can I make this into something that anyone can easily do to improve the way they run?" I knew that not everyone would get the same results but I knew that I could at least help anyone improve the way that they run.

So I started writing. Eventually I had a nice book done and I made a few videos to go with it but my instinctive "I can do better" was triggered. I ended up tossing everything that I had done and started from scratch and made an even better book with even better videos. I still was thinking "I can do better" so again I tossed everything and started again.

The end result of three complete rewrites (with tons of edits) is the book "Run Faster With Less Effort". (I still redo the videos to make them even easier to understand every once in a while.) I hope that you enjoy the book, the videos and all the work that I put into both!